There were still two…

Two of my friends Nkiru and Omar, in faraway Atlanta and Dallas, had just had babies. They had both had twins.

Excited for them I whipped out my card and bought gifts online to be delivered to the babies. Nothing lavish, just toys I knew would make the babies happy before they dissembled/chewed up the parts days later 🙂

Later that month also, after I ran it by my husband, I took my pay check and dropped on the altar at the church I worshipped. I didn’t speak with any other person about this; I didn’t need anyone to know what I was sowing for. As I dropped it, I worshiped. I told God ‘this isn’t even half as much as what the doctor’s bill is for a procedure I’m not sure will put my babies on my lap so I’m giving it to you. This is my connection… You give millions of women babies for free, so I’m not going to be an exception. I trust you I won’t have to pay for mine and so I connect with my own babies with this seed’

I knew that an IVF or any other medical procedure to assist conception was a gift; Medical science was there to help us, the doctors weren’t evil, they were simply doing their job. I also knew that the formation of a baby in a woman’s womb is a big miracle and to be honest if I had sensed for one minute that an IVF was the way my babies were to come, I’d have gone ahead with the procedure. But I didn’t, because I knew God wanted me to just calm down and let Him do His thing. I knew that the only thing I was to do at this point was be calm and wait for His next instruction.

‘Be still…’

So I sowed my seed and prayed. I had to still my spirit. It wasn’t an easy process but thank God for the Word. I started eating it like bread. At work I’d keep my headsets plugged in as I went about my business, the 10 minutes’ drive to work were like 10 precious hours; I’d worship, Id speak the word, I’d speak in tongues as I drove. My husband drew up specific confessions from the Word of God concerning fruitfulness, I declared them, and we declared them together. We didn’t let up. Every morning after we prayed, we’d speak those words over my body, over our home. We would thank God for our heritage of children.

I dropped the seed in May 2011; June went by. But on 11th July 2011, I realised I had missed my period! Wow! I was too excited! The day I found out I could hardly keep my feet on the floor. Beyond the Home Pregnancy Test (HPT) I wanted to get my blood tested. I went to the hospital and there via a blood test, the doctors confirmed again that I was pregnant! Yay!

I had to make a long distance two week trip for work and after the doctor cleared me to go, I went.  He asked me to come back after my trip by which time the baby would be big enough to be seen at a scan.

2 weeks later at the scan the radiographer told me words no expecting mother (especially one who’s waited so long) wants to hear; “my baby had stopped growing”. Before I even set out for the trip, at 6 weeks the baby, my first baby ever, had stopped growing!

He advised us to wait and see if it was temporary. He said he had seen things like that before and weeks later the baby turned out to be growing proper. About a month later we went back. There had been no improvement. I wasn’t pleased but I giggled like a little child as the doctor told me he was going to have to carry out a D & C on me to evacuate the products of conception.

My husband and I smiled at each other, the doctor was puzzled. He was used to seeing inconsolable mums but there I was, smiling. I smiled, my husband smiled. We were happy; God had proved to us that we could actually have babies naturally. So we figured that if it could happen once, oh then it was definitely going to happen again!

On September 12th, 2011 at 12.21pm, as I lay in bed and waited for the pill the doctor had inserted to “dissolve”/detach from my uterine wall the precious baby I had waited so long for, I made this entry in my secret diary on my iPhone:

“Lord, you know I’d rather not be going through this but from the depths of my heart I worship you because ALL things are working together for my good Lord, even this! Thank you for the great plans you have oh Lord, thank you…”

(Tears fill my eyes right now as I reminisce… But then I digress…)

In the evening, I went in for the procedure. I felt so embarrassed at the theater. Back and forth the doctor and the matron “scolded” me albeit playfully. They wondered why I fidgeted so much. Hadn’t I had a D&C carried out on me before? They made it sound like a D&C for a young woman was a normal occurrence like menstruating! They actually expected that I had done it several times before. Ha!

Anyway after the procedure, I healed fast. Then I patiently waited for my period to come since the doctor had told us we could go ahead and try for another baby soon as I saw my period. 

About a month later on a Friday evening I started spotting. I was elated, my period was starting. Another baby was in sight. By the following Sunday morning as we prepared for church I felt like an open tap. Blood was literally gushing out of me. If I as much as cleared my throat, I’d feel the blood gushing out (TMI sorry J ) and then there were the grape like clots. I kept soaking up and changing sanitary towels.

This wasn’t normal. Somehow I still made it to church. By evening the flow had reduced to spots.

Two days later I went to the hospital. The doctor insisted that I couldn’t be pregnant. It must be my period. But he ran a pregnancy test, and it was positive! I wasn’t sure what to think. I had gone alone to the hospital thinking it was just a routine visit. But when he started to say that based on the grape-like clots I told them I had seen, he suspected a molar pregnancy, I telephoned my husband to please meet me at the hospital.

The doctor told us that he wanted to admit me immediately and perform another D&C. This time one more thorough than the last where I would be under general anaesthesia for the duration of the procedure. He wanted to carry out the procedure the next morning and send the specimen for histology. He said a confirmed molar pregnancy meant two things; if it was benign, we would wait for at least 6 months before we could as much as start trying for another baby but if it was malignant, we would have to wait about a year till my system was confirmed clean of the ‘tumours’.

I was in a blur. This time I wasn’t smiling. But I wasn’t prepared for the admission just yet. I had only driven out for lunch from work and he wanted to admit me, just like that. I asked for the night to prepare myself psychologically, emotionally and then spiritually. He tried to insist I come in immediately but I wasn’t having it. It was a Tuesday and I hoped to go in for communion service, draw strength from God, and make sense of it all before putting myself under any doctor’s scalpel.

That evening in church, I wept. It seemed too much for me. One whole year? Before we could even try? This was October 2011, so I was going to have to wait till October 2012 before I could even think of trying for my own babies! I cried before God. My husband who was seated beside me tried to reach out to me but I was inconsolable. This seemed too much.

The next morning I had a couple of visitors. One of them was Uche again. We talked generally and she teased me lightly, ‘Hmmm after keeping yourself as a single lady like a joke you are going to have two abortions?’

We mused about it, but I knew it wasn’t funny. What she said was true.

After she left, I was finally alone in the house, alone with my thoughts, alone with God. I slotted in an old Panam Percy Paul CD I had heard my husband’s driver play some weeks before. It had brought back high school memories and I had bought it off him while he played it in the car. I left it playing in the background as I tried to find refreshing in the secret place. I prayed in the spirit, trying to get to that place in my spirit where I was calm, calm enough to understand why, calm enough to get the specific Rhema for my specific situation.

Suddenly I started weeping. As I groaned and prayed, I heard myself saying, “Lord I am so sorry…” I didn’t get it but I trusted the Holy Spirit praying through me… Finally the words came out of my mouth, “Lord, I am so sorry for losing what you gave me…”

As those words came out, I knew. I wept even more; I just knew in my spirit that it wasn’t right! The challenge wasn’t with God, He had done ALL he needed to do for me to live a victorious life years ago, He had given me all I needed; what business did I have losing my baby(ies). Not just once, but twice?! I remembered a message I had listened to and I asked myself, “Why in the world did Jesus come?” If He came that I would still be going through these messes in my life then He hadn’t done a complete job. But I knew His job was complete; when He said “it is finished,” it was indeed finished.

(To be continued…)

78 Comments on “There were still two…

  1. Thanks for sharing. Your story has strengthened and reinforced my hope that where the world things I should accept that it is not God will for me, I will continue to hold on to His word, and it will be. Like you, I will be sharing my story soon in Jesus name. Watch this space!.

  2. Dearest tnx for sharing.It sure is a soothing balm to calm the troubled heart of a waiting couple unless you have been there you hardly understand.I feel your testimony,even as I believe and wait on HIM to be so blessed!

  3. Though I can’t wait to read the concluding part, I must say that, I was really touched. I’m also trusting God for the my miracle babies and I know that God will give me a wonderful testimony to share in Jesus name.

  4. When we go through painful experiences in life, its so we can bless other lives when God gives us our desired breakthroughs. Not everyone goes through the process of sharing their testimony. I am glad you have allowed God use you to comfort and encourage. Waiting for the rest, be sure to bbm me when you post as usual, lol

  5. snufffyyy…. So the litrary genius runs in the family…hmmm. You almost made me tear up and that is STRANGE. Glad to know you.

    • Uncle Leksssss thank you so much. So sorry about the missed call the other day, I’ll call you back. Glad to know you too 🙂

  6. Fantastic testimony… please post the greatest part of the testimony? Do you have your babies now?
    Can i get the confessions you and your husband were reading?

  7. Episode 2 got me (weeping in my soul) GOD is awesome, dts all i know, wot a test of faith?? “It is really finished”

  8. Dearest Cuz,
    As I sit here in my conference accomodation reading this, listening to Michael Smith singing HERE I AM TO WORSHIP, d tears well up in my eyes again. He is truly awesome…this God! I yearn to hold my babies in my arms also and share d testimonies just as u have done… Lord, I yield to You afresh.

  9. God is far too kind. I’m waiting for the end of the story. Even though I was there to hold those miracles in my hands.

  10. God is simply amazing. I’m waiting for the end of the story. Even though I was there to hold those miracles in my hands.

  11. Ulu,please,i can’t wait for the concluding part of this testimony. God indeed proved Himself beyond the imaginations of man. when you have come to your wits end,that’s when He steps in to show forth. Congrats once more sis.

  12. will be sending you a private mail on fb. tears are rolling donw my eyes. had to step into the ladies for a while.

  13. Part 2 suspense in action like “prison break” please finish this great testimony as my wife is anxiously asking me for the conclusion. God is faithful. Jeremiah 29:11

  14. Faithful, awesome, amazing God. There’s no shadow of turning with Him. Really inspired by ur faith. Indeed a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

  15. hmm,many are the afflictions of the righteous,but the Lord see them through, and i dare say, victoriously,showing us off as his trophy.

  16. Following this testimony patiencely. we serve an owesome God. Hallelujah

  17. wahoo dis a great testimonies, great chanlleges gives birth 2 great testimonies. U kept urslf as a single lady,dnt worry abt dat cos u did d right thing and God will bless u with children dat d world wil always celebrate with u.
    My Pastor had der twins(boy & girl) after 13yrs of waitn. God is d same yestday, 2day and 4ever. I rejoice with u.

  18. Thanks, Ulu. Don’t stop sharing. What a great encouragement! I must say, you are a spell-binding story-teller too!! And I mean that in a good way, pls. Love u & ur miracle babies.x

  19. The Acts of the Apostles didn’t end in the Bible as we know it…this is one of the epistles that will be read by all men. Ok we shall earnestly await 2 Ulu….awesome indeed!! Thank you

  20. Sometimes,when we need something desperately and don’t get it,it hurt especially when it seems all but you are having their breakthrough,but when you remember that God is stil on the throne and he never makes mistakes or judge unfairly,you wil gain hope anew.

  21. Thank u for dis,I knw God cam thru at d end cos He really does,though am trusting God for somrthing else but ur testimony reminded me to remain calm and trust in is words!thnk u for sharing

  22. your testimony is all about the faithfulness of God. He is true to His word if only we put our trust in Him. I could identify with you in all you went through.I am encourage with this testimony. I pray God will bless all seeking for the fruit of the womb with health Children in this season of favor. I will like to hear all the good news in your subsequent write up

  23. Ulu, thanks for sharing… My spirit was lifted & affirmed that God is the Almighty Creator, he created and still creates. When I saw your babies on facebook, I smiled and what came into my mind was ‘for your shame, ye shall have double’. I knew when you got married, I read some of your ‘what is on your mind’ on fb, I knew you were believing God for something but didnt know what is was…. All I can say…I thank God for standing up to His name & word…

  24. Faith indEed is a process and a journey,it really doesn’t tell us how long but we just hope,believe and trust God,,ure a bundle of testimony,am stirred in my spirit,I just wanna pray..thank you snuffy!!

  25. You’ve constantly been an inspiration to me. I just love testimonies where the whole world can see that the Word really works…well done to a wonderful sister.

    • My wedding planner, thank you soooooo much for all you’ve been first to Pdo, then to me…. you’ve been a constant in our lives… Love you dearly

  26. Thank you. I can’t wait to see the end of the testimony…I am excited because our God is a God of completion and perfection. I have a beautiful son after three years and four months of absent periods and one miscarriage….I rejoice with you.

  27. Now am all teared up!!!After leaving ur life as a respectable single Lady u then hv to be subjected to 2 D and C! Hmm God ur ways are def different.Let ur will be Done Lord.pls let’s have the concluding part the suspense is too much.

  28. Ulu, your testimony, each installation of it, births faith. It reminds us of the God we serve. He who sees our tears and lovingly leads us into our place of victory. Thanks for sharing…hugs 🙂

  29. Ulu… your words are really, truly encouraging… the word works… not for your testimony but every area of life… there have been days I start but I derail with thinking… (kinda hate to admit worry besets me BIG somedays!)

    Thank you so very much… this is a real booster.

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