The masterpiece

He sat down and smiled. Beautiful; the answer had finally come…. This was what everyone had been waiting for… Wow…

He looked so happy, so pleased… everyone around knew this was big as they sat back in wonder and looked at the form in the Father’s hands…

Carried away by the beauty of the moment, Angel Gabriel and Matthew whispered to themselves, “He is so happy, there must be something so special about this one…”

But they knew, they had seen that look on the Father’s face before… they knew this was a big deal…

And then they gasped, tears were coming down his face, like a Father when his 3 year old girl sings her first Christmas Carol for the whole school, the tears flowed freely as his face glowed…

He looked up and said to no one in particular, “… they’ve been waiting for this baby… there’s so much in this baby… so much… a gift sent from God….!”

And on and on the Father went, extolling the virtues, the completeness of his work… The work was complete, the stage was set, everything was perfect… nothing that was meant to be in it was absent and nothing meant to be absent was in it…

And so, he sent YOU into the world….

He was at peace because He knew the timing was perfect, he could have sent you earlier, but this was the right time, the right generation for you…

He cried because He knew in you was the answer the world was looking for….

The world was groaning they needed help; the discovery for some ailment that would wipe millions had to come, the discovery of a machine that would make life heaps easier for them, the answer to their silent crying…

And God sent you…

A man wept in the solitude of his bedroom, away from where his two motherless children slept. He missed her, they missed her more… Why did she leave him so early…? And God sent you.

An abused child, hating the world, trusting none, planning revenge… and God sent you.

A widow, totally helpless as she watched her sons’ lives wrecked by fraternities and crack… He sent you.

The gangster, his arms almost numb with needle pricks, his eyes reddened by the impact of alcohol and meth. And He sent you.

A frightened teenager, on her way from a party, she had been gang raped. As if the scarring was not enough, she was left with a baby. Nobody believed her. They thought the baby was a product of a fleeting moment of childish passion. God sent you.

A girl, a boy disillusioned, years of zeal without knowledge, years of having a form of godliness with total denial of the power in it, years of being in church without really knowing the Head… about to give up and start believing in nothing… And God sent you…

A nation, darkened by laws and decrees denying the existence of God…. Yet God felt calm. He is there, she is there, therefore there is hope for them… He knew that your presence made a world of difference

The question now is, this you, this exquisite you, this excellent you, this enviable you… Have you given out what He sent you to give…?

Can’t you see? They are hurting, they are lost, they need help, and you are their answer….

Don’t hold back. Don’t envy them, don’t try to be like them, and don’t try to blend… Don’t wish you were where they go on Friday nights, don’t… don’t… don’t….

They prayed and He sent you, He didn’t send you because He had no option, He sent you because He was sure you have all it takes!

I believe in you, He believes in you more…!

Bomb blasts, earthquakes, famine, Ebola fever, plane crashes, HIV, shootings addictions… We are not fazed because we are the answer…

Things were chaotic till we came on the scene….

My pastor says, “Dream and dream big!”

He sent you for a reason; get into the well of wealth in your heart and draw out what the world needs…

My pastor tells us often, “You are not a speck in the dust, and you came for a reason…”

When it’s all been said and done, what would really matter are the lives you touched for him….

He was confident the day he sent you, be strengthened as you give out what He sent you to give…

They may oppose you, the may resist you but it’s because they don’t know, they don’t know that what you have is what they have looked for all their lives…

Think about when we were kids, the very drugs meant to make us healthy were the ones we avoided till we knew… So, it’s because they don’t know… just yet… till you tell them…

Be patient… Don’t give up just because they said no the first time… keep at it…

We are changing this world for Jesus. We are not just more numbers for the population commission, we are not just figures in the census, and we are the answer to their needs…

You came at the right time so shine for Him and shine bright!

3 Comments on “The masterpiece

  1. Reblogged this on Unwalled and commented:
    This inspiring post, “The Masterpiece” was written by Andrea Ogunba and posted on her blog “Spicey Morsels”. I hope it blesses you today. Kim

  2. I absolutely looooove this. I will fulfil the work of Him who sent me, in Jesus’ name! Amen!

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