Hidden away…


Have you ever been there?

In that place where you knew something few people knew? You felt like you would explode with excitement till you told someone else. But you held back.

Maybe you had planned a surprise party for a friend, in her house! Excitedly you made elaborate plans, giggling when she caught you whispering on the phone in her kitchen as you tried to beat her off the scent when she asked you what you were talking about and who you were talking to.

Or you’d got your daughter the gift she wanted, but the time wasn’t right because you bought it for a special occasion. You could as well have given it to her immediately but that would make it less exciting. So you hid it away in your closet, where she couldn’t stumble on it.

Maybe you can’t relate just yet.

Think back then to your Christmas tree littered with gifts left by ‘Santa’. You knew what was in them but you wouldn’t tell because you wanted to watch the reactions and hear the excited squeals on Christmas morning.

I’ve had a few moments like that in my life.

There was the time I organized a surprise party for a friend, then there was the other time I bought gifts for my husband and hid them around the house, and waited so eagerly for him to discover the gifts.

Then there was the most recent one, the one I told you about a while ago…

My blood test results had told me I was pregnant. But my stomach was so flat many people didn’t know I was pregnant till I told them.  I was carrying something but I wasn’t showing

I remember an event I attended in my first trimester before it became obvious I was pregnant; there was juice for the kids and all of a sudden that was all I wanted to drink. I must have looked weird when I asked the lady in charge of the kids to please spare me a 15 cents pack of juice I could easily afford. I didn’t care, I asked for the juice as if my life depended on it!  She couldn’t hide her surprise. I am sure if my bump showed she would have given me that pack and some more!

Every morning, I would look at my tummy, yearning, wishing I could finally start showing. When people saw what I carried they would probably treat me differently. As a pregnant woman!

But as the days went by, the seed in me grew. First from a fetal node to a sac with a speck in it and then I could see the form of the baby, I could see its bones, and I could feel it moving… Then I gave birth!

So it is with the Word… the seed is the word of God (Luke 8:11)

We speak the Word sometimes and it looks like nothing has happened. People look at us and they don’t even know anything has changed about our status.

Like you, maybe you’ve been speaking the Word over your life for days, weeks or even months and it looks like nothing has happened.

What if a pregnant woman in her 34th week woke up one day and said, “What’s with this seed I received???? I thought I was pregnant, but where is the baby?! IT’S BEEN 34 WEEKS!!!!!”

Do you see where I am going?

You don’t see the baby yet, but sure enough it’s there…

You don’t see the money, the job, the notification (or whatever it is you are expecting) yet… but it’s there… it’s there… it’s there…

Like the expectant mother, keep nurturing it

A pregnant woman isn’t found everywhere… she doesn’t eat just anything; some foods can harm her baby, some environments can make her baby come out differently…

And so for all of those 40 weeks till she holds the baby in her hands she eats right, she drinks right, she takes the right pills. She doesn’t see the baby yet BUT she knows something has been planted and is growing so she MUST nurture it.

You’ve planted the Word; in that right atmosphere you declared you weren’t barren, you called yourself a mother of many…

In the secret place where He spoke to you, you knew you were going to get married to the right man. You knew God was bringing the man He had for you your way…

In that right atmosphere you called all your bills paid, you took hold of the grace that made you rich… You knew that you knew that you knew that you were rich!

In that right environment, you knew that the work of your hands would prosper.

Now just because you don’t see anything physically you want to stop?

And just because you’ve faced a few challenges and rough times you think the Word doesn’t work.

How dare you?

How dare you give up on you?

How dare you give up so easily on the greatness in you?!

The seed is the word of God….

Wake up! Let the giant in you arise! Make up your mind you are going to birth that baby, make up your mind you are going to birth that dream, make up your mind your money is going to bless lives!

No, you are not going to end up defeated, you are going to nurture the Word you’ve spoken till you see your desires granted. You are not going to stop halfway; same way a pregnant woman is tenacious through any unpleasant experiences she encounters, you are going to hold on to the Word till you give birth!

Don’t feel discouraged, you know what others don’t. They may still call you, ‘that broke guy…’

They may still call you up to say, “whenever are you going to get married?”

They may still call you up and harass you and nastily tell your husband, “why did you get married to a ‘man’ who can’t even carry a child for us?’

Now’s not the time to cry.

Get out of that environment, the poisonous smoke they emit will harm your baby.

Stop the pity party, it may make the gestation period longer than you need it to be.

Stop looking around you and saying, ‘it’s not working.’ You really shouldn’t be eating that stuff.

Keep your gaze on the Word of God; stick with what He says about you.

Then get excited about what you carry!!!!

Whoever you are reading this today, get excited about you!!!!

Your future is bright because you have Him.

Trust me, trust God when the story is told you will come out on top; you will be the one with the last laugh…

Remember, He ALWAYS – Not sometimes, not fifty-fifty, not only if you are in a particular continent – No, He ALWAYS causes us to triumph and spreads everywhere through us, the fragrance of the knowledge of Him… (2 Corinthians 2:14)

That’s how this particular test is going to end, so get excited about your life today and speak the Word…!


14 Comments on “Hidden away…

  1. I so need this right now…..Monday was a positive pregnancy test by Thursday night I bled till Sunday. This is just what I need……..thank you Bralade for sending me this.

  2. yes o….i needed to be reminded every spoken and written word concerning my life will definitely manifest in my life.

  3. I needed to hear this. Even though I can’t see it right now God has done it.

  4. Oh dear!!! Just what I needed to hear. God doesn’t begin a thing He hasn’t already completed. All I need do is trust His steady hand which is carefully penning the fine details of my life. He has perfected that which concerns me. Praise God. God bless you.

  5. Hmmm awesome… before we see the results.. God has already settled it…

  6. Trust and obey, there is no other way … to be be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey.

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