Just because…

Just because you prayed, you thought everything would suddenly change…

Just because you declared the word once, twice, or even thrice…

Just because you spent a day in fasting and prayer, you walked out the door expecting everything to turn out differently.

And just because it didn’t happen the way you said it would when you said it would, you got discouraged!

Just because the storms got fiercer, the waves soared, the skies darkened after you prayed…

You cried and said praying was of no use…

Just because…

 I’ve been there, you probably have too.

Everything was ‘peaceful’ till you started to pray.

Nothing extreme seemed to be happening, till you got serious about declaring the word.

And then, it seemed the burden got heavier, the tunnel got darker, like the night got darkest…

Just when you prayed, your child seemed to sink deeper into crack…

Just when you prayed, the creditors called you up to let you know they were going to mess up your peaceful world…  They would make you sorry!

Just when you prayed, you looked at the empty seats and wondered where the souls you saw (while you prayed) would be attending your church services that day went to…

Just when you prayed!

Just when you prayed, the pain seemed to get all the more unbearable; you wondered if the cancer was actually leaving your body…

Just when you prayed, you stood and watched another clump of hair, weakened by chemotherapy, fall in the bathtub…

Just when you prayed!

Just when you prayed, your husband seemed to sink deeper into sin, he wasn’t even coming home like he was before you prayed…

Just when you prayed!

Just when you prayed the SMS came in; your grades weren’t good, your student loan was due, your rent was due…

You hadn’t noticed all this as intensely as you did, just when you prayed…

It reminds me of something I read up once.

’Let us go over unto the other side…”

The Master had spoken; excited they set sail, expecting to get to the other side without much ado.

And as they went, ‘waves poured into the boat, threatening to sink it’ (Mark 4:37 The Message)

Huh? Hadn’t the Master spoken?

They panicked. Didn’t he care that they were going down? He just lay down there, sleeping!

They asked what you may be asking now, ‘…Is it nothing to you that I am facing all this? Do you really care Lord?’

‘Does this pain matter to you? I’ve been through so many rounds of chemo…’

‘All these bills Lord; I’m so behind on my mortgage… I don’t even sleep at night anymore’

‘Abandoned with three young kids, does it even matter to you Lord?’

‘I know you called me, but I’m not seeing the results I expect in ministry. Does it even matter to you Lord? I can’t take one more Sunday with empty pews…’

Just when I thought things were going to get better, they seem to be getting worse…

I can barely sit still as I see how He responded…

He told the wind to pipe down and said to the sea, “Quiet! Settle down!” The wind ran out of breath; the sea became smooth as glass…’ (Mark 4:40 The Message)

The wind ran out of breath, the sea became smooth as glass…. Wow!!!! I mean W.O.W!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, the winds you are seeing are nothing! Something DID happen when you prayed.

Just smile and tell the wind, ‘Quiet! Settle down!’

Hear me clearly, it is IMPOSSIBLE  for God to lie!

If He said, things change when we pray, that’s all the assurance you need.

I’ve got news for you; “your marriage is not over, your husband is coming to his senses, he is coming home!”

“That cancer won’t kill you; people are going to come to you from the ends of the earth to ask you how you got healed!”

“You are going to graduate; NO the loans won’t overwhelm you, no, you won’t drop out, no your dreams to graduate from college won’t go unfulfilled!”

In whatever you are facing today, the wind is going to run out of breath, you will see…!

Don’t cower in fear when you see the waves, just start dancing, they show you that you are actually heading somewhere…

Your prayers are working…

Let me remind you today, just because you prayed, something actually happened!

21 Comments on “Just because…

  1. hmmmmmm,wen we pray somtin alwaz happens.if only we cn maginfy God instead maginfyin our problems.its well.

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  3. Thanks so much. This is so timely…. I needed to remember this. God bless U richly for taking out time to share

  4. Wow……great piece! Am encouraged
    God will come through for us all.
    God bless u

  5. Hmnnn….so true. Been feeding my mind on Pastor Chris’ teaching – ”fight the good fight of faith”. Something is changing inside me hallelujah!!!!! Yes,something is changing……

  6. Powerful – and so true. Jesus said, “Let us go to the other side;” NOT “…to the middle of the lake and be drowned.”

    “I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Psalm 27:13. Oh how blessed we are when we can keep hope while we wait on the Lord.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Speak to me sis…
    It is only those who endure to the end that will be saved.
    thank you for the encouraging words…
    God bless you real good.

  8. Lovely piece oh how timely for me
    My faith just got renewed
    God bless the writer amen

  9. 2nd Tim 2:13 if we are faithless He remains faithful, He cannot deny Himself (NKJV). the scriptures cannot be broken! all we need to do is STAND (EPH 6:13-14) NKJV

  10. Yes yes. He spoke about a great destiny and then you start to see all forms of hindrances. He won’t lie. Once He says it, its done, that’s why He could go to sleep on the boat. But of course, the one roaring like a lion would want to obstruct. When they told Him about the storm, he calmed it and soon they were on the other side. If only we’ll keep our gaze on Him/what He says and not on the many storms around us….Selah
    Thank you!

  11. That is a really powerful post! I love it! No matter where we are in life we face stuff….whether marriage struggles, distant kids, over discouragement as a pastor or leader that church seats aren’t filling up, we can all relate to this post. And yes, help is on the way!! That is good news. Life has storm but God is Lird over the storm and a spiritual battle rages all around. But Jesus won it all and He has the victory! Amen! Live your post. I believe your blog will (and is) encourage so many! Blessings!

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